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New Britain Downtown District Façade Improvement Program

Terms and Conditions


The Program:

       The New Britain Downtown District may allocate up to $10,000 from the Downtown District Surplus to fund the program.  The program will run for one year, concurrent with the New Britain Downtown District’s fiscal year, or until the money allocated is depleted, whichever comes first.  After that time, the program will be reevaluated for its effectiveness and it will be determined if the program should be continued.  This is a program that can have a potentially large impact on the visual appearance of Downtown New Britain.  All property owners will benefit in one way or another due to increased property values, civic pride, and increased economic activity.


Property and business owners are eligible for up to a 25% matching grant to fund façade improvements to their building and/or storefront.  The grant recipient must match the amount through funding of their own or through a loan.  The maximum grant will be $2,500.

The matching grant must be used in accordance with the “design guidelines” that have been put together through this office.  The “design guidelines” have been put together to ensure that a quality product will be produced.  Any business or property owner that does not follow these guidelines will not be eligible for the façade improvement funds. 

The following types of improvements to the façade of a building and/or business are eligible:

  • o   Correction of Exterior Code Violations
  • o   Painting and Siding
  • o   Historic Lighting Installation/Restoration
  • o   Signs and Awnings
  • o   Restoration of Historically Significant Signage
  • o   General Exterior Repairs
  • o   Door and Window Replacement/Restoration
  • o   Trim/Cornice Replacement/Restoration
  • o   Upgrade or Concealment of Security Grates
  • o   Historic Rehabilitation and Preservation
  • o   Display Window Renovations  

Signage improvements are eligible.  The signage improvement grant may be up to 50% of the property/business owner’s cost of a sign, up to $3,000.  No proposals for “box” signs will be accepted.



Business and property owners that are members of the Downtown District are eligible for the program.

An application first must be completed.  This completed application should include a timeline, architectural renderings and/or photographs, contractor name, and budget.

A number of low-interest small business loans may be available through our Downtown banks as well as the City of New Britain.  This is an option that recipients may choose to raise their portion of the matching funds.

Usually grants are payable directly to the contractor that has performed the work.  The contractor can be the property or business owner.  Funds will be allocated once it is determined that the work was done according to plan.  Funds may also be paid directly to the property/business owner.

Grants are payable only after the completion of the work set forth in the original plan.

Property and/or business owners that receive the Façade Improvement Program funding are required to remain the sole property owner of that property for a period following construction of at least 24 months.  If this requirement is violated, the grant must be paid back in full to the Downtown District.

Applications must be approved by the Façade Improvement Committee of the Downtown District.  This committee has the right to refuse any application based on incompatibility with the guidelines, terms, and conditions set forth.